“What I appreciated most about working with LaClair on the fire sprinkler retrofit project was the fact that the project seemed to be on auto-pilot. You knew the scope and schedule and made everything happen without any pushing from me. LaClair truly acted as the University’s advocate. I didn’t need to worry whether things would get done on time, you made it happen. The change orders were minimum and well presented. Overall a great project!”

Mike Benoist
Project Manager - Facilities Planning & Management
Washington University in St Louis

"I have worked with LaClair Construction Services on a number of projects in the past year, ranging from office retrofitting’s to the installation of a new security operations center. In every case, I have found them to be knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions to difficult design issues. The security center was constructed in the main lobby of a 100% occupied building with heavy foot traffic and numerous deliveries to the occupants of the building, LaClair managed the project to insure the occupants had full access to the lobby and all deliveries could be handled safely and without delays. Each office retrofit was completed next to, above and/or below occupied premises and in each situation LaClair minimalized disruptions to the other occupants while delivering the retrofitted premises on time and on budget. Their employees are polite and responsive. I have also found them to be very price competitive.”

William H. Stockmann, R.P.A.
Sr. Real Estate Manager
Digital Realty

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